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Welcome to General Marine Oil and Services Ltd

We are an indigenous company incorporated in the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1993 to render technical services to the oil, marine, industrial and Agricultural sectors of the economy.
Our Core activities have been centred on the broad categories of:

Our Services

Petroleum services
Laboratory Services
Calibration Services
Consumer Products Services
Industrial Products Services
Agricultural Services
Superitendent Services
Advisory Services ...


It is necessary to store oil products in various locations as well as transferring by ship and therefore the quantity must be known for financial purposes.
In this area, GMO provides a calibration services which physically measures tanks and ships of all shapes and sizes and produces calibration tables.
Land /ships tanks and meter calibration
Pressure testing
Tank / Equipment clearing and cleanliness certification. .


GMO provides both analytical support services to the inspection services and services directly to clients in the areas of:
Petroleum products (crude oil, white and black products, Based oils) analysis and certification.
Chemical analysis and certification
Hydrocarbon pollution services including sampling and remedial action studies.
Crude oil evaluation.
Measurement of density for all liquid cargoes.
Crude oil assays. Bunker fuel analysis.
Full agricultural products analytical services.
Full manufactured products analytical and Inspection services.


This has do with inspections during all stages of production and prior to shipment of all consumer goods like Toys, Fabrics, Electronics, Paper, Sugar, Cement, etc.
Quality and quantity inspections of all manufactured goods.
Assortment, packaging and marking inspection.
Identification of products at the time of loading.
Laboratory tests for conformity with safety and regulations, standard shrinkage, colourfastness etc..


Design review.
Pre-qualification survey.
Metallurgical consultancy.
Testing and checking of materials
Weeding inspection, shop inspection, dimensional checking Witnessing of performance test.
Visual inspection before shipment.
Non - Destructive Testing (NDT).
Packing and marking inspection.
Supervision of loading & Traffic management.
Site supervision and Equipment inspection.

Welcome to GMO
GMO has the right people and is also investing heavily in technology to make sure that those people have the right tools for the job. Our ongoing commitment to the use of innovative softwares helps to keep us at the forefront of our industry, it also helps us to respond to anticipated changes timely and efficiently whenever they occur.


Our Excellent Services
GMO specialises in using its skill to the advantage of its clients, both in terms of safety and excellence.

We are proud of our clients and what they have achieved. We also believe our clients are proud of us.

GMO is therefore the partner of choice for discerning customers.

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